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The Victory Lap - 6/17

Hi friends!

Welcome back to The Victory Lap. This weekly series summarizes the past week of headlines surrounding women's sports!

Ali Krieger can't stop winning (The Soccer Tournament)

In the inaugural women's bracket of The Soccer Tournament, the US Women's seven-on-seven team took home the $1 million prize on Tuesday, June 11.

The team was made up of U.S. women's national team alumni including Ali Krieger. Krieger retired at the end of the 2023 NWSL season, and she won the championship with Gotham FC.

Each player and member of the team's staff took home a $40,000 check hand delivered by Heather O'Reilly after the US Women's 6-3 victory over the North Carolina Courage.

The Soccer Tournament, or TST, is the highest-stakes women's soccer tournament with a $1 million prize for the women's and the men's bracket's winners.

TST was established in 2022 and had it's first men's tournament in 2023. While there is equality within the prize money, the amount of teams leaves more equality to be desired.

There are eight women's teams and 48 men's teams in the respective tournaments, according to the tournaments Instagram page.

Katie Ledecky in an NFL stadium

No one is surprised that Katie Ledecky is going to her fourth Olympics.

Ledecky's Olympic qualification was in style as she won the 400 freestyle in the Lucas Oil Stadium — home to the Indianapolis Colts.

The seven-time Olympic gold medalist will go to Paris, France for her fourth-consecutive Summer Olympic Games.

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