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Howdy from North Dakota

Hi friends!

I started a job as a social media manager in Bismarck, North Dakota recently!

While social media has always interested me for a career, but I have been nervous about losing my writing abilities.

I haven't written in over a month, and the last thing I wrote wasn't even really a sports story.

It felt wrong, so here I am.

I'm putting pen to paper again. Well, rather fingers to keyboard.

A couple of years ago I had a blog on women's soccer — shocking. I have decided to bring that back but with more writing knowledge!

In the rare case that you have stumbled across this blog, my name is Kylie! I have written about a variety of topics (sports and not) for various publications (The Battalion, TexAgs, Girls Soccer Network, Insite Magazine).

I am currently running more social media channels than I can count whether that be for work or personal!

Keep an eye on this space ;)

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